The Plan

It was the perfect plan. We had been preparing and waiting for over a week, and we were ready. It was the five of us. We had grown up together, lived together, and were going to die together.

It had all started when Chrissy came to Matt and I, crying. Her family had screwed her over again. When Tom and Rose came over and heard what happened, it got us all thinking. We were all miserable, all had shitty lives and fucked up families. Three of us had been suicidal for a while, the other two beginning to become suicidal as well. Our lives were obviously going nowhere. So, we discussed, why not just end it? No more worry, no more pain, just relief.

We must have sat in that tiny, filthy living room in our crappy appartment for the entire night talking about it. Finally, we all agreed.

We gave eachother a few days to get ready, take care of any unfinished business, while Jenn got what we would need.

As for me, I called my mother. “Hello?” I heard her voice.

“Bye, bitch.” I hung up the phone.

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