An Idiotic,Retarded Accident Caused By Me And My Friends

It was an idiotic accident.
An idiotic accident due to the stupid,retarded behavior of me and my friends during the middle of the night.We decided to meet in the middle of the street so that there wouldn’t be any obstacles in the way.
“You guys ready?”I whispered.
I got a chorus of yeahs,yesses and duhs.
“Alright.Let’s do this.” Bud told us.
We had GIGANTIC potfuls of Diet Coke lined all the way to the end of the block.Lola,the tomboy in our group,was giggling and snickering while taking out the 100 packs of mentoes that we had bought.Of course,we hadn’t bought them all at once,that would be WAY to suspicious.
Soon,we were ALL guffawing and snorting with Lola.
She put 10 into each of our hands and on three,we released them into the pots.
There was a large boom and coketoes geysers erupted from all the pots.Since we made the mistake of having the pots near the houses,foaming fizz fell in front,and some,on,them.We laughed ‘til we fell over,but smiled sheepishly when adults started to come out of their houses.

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