Hurricane Of Chaos

These disturbing memories I don’t like to think about, pushed aside in the back of my mind keep accuring in my dreams, making me wake up screaming. My question is, why now? When when I only have 2 years left of high school,and everything seemed perfect for years?
1 day,when I was 6, I woke up finding myself alone in the house. The whole day I had heard a thumping noise coming from the attic. I’d been scared,so I’d hid in the closet with a blanket and my fingers in my ears, trying to block out the scary noise. The day after that, it had stopped. I’d been to scared to check,so I ran over to my parents’ friend (and our neighbor),Ms.Bodrick’s house. She went in the attic with me,where my parents were found dead,with tape over their mouths and rope over their hands and legs. They fell out when we opened it; they’d been pounding on top of the door.

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