Fallen Angels (Pt. 9)

Basil stared at the strange winged girl across the room from him. What is she doing here? Why didn’t they take her wings off? he thought.
She stared back at him, pressing her hands against the glass wall, not saying anything. Basil limped over to her and pressed his hands against hers on the glass, their eyes locked. Suddenly, he felt a large electric shock surge through his body, and he stepped back from the girl.
“What’s going on?!” he shouted at the female voice, which he could now hear chuckling.
“Ohhh, nothing. Don’t you worry your pretty little head; we won’t hurt you too much.” And she continued laughing.
Basil kept getting shocked until sweat dripped from his perfectly-shaped brow and he was breathing heavily. The winged girl sat in the corner staring at him with her head tilted. Basil heard more laughing. This time, it was the woman and a man.
How many of you are there?! he thought as he drifted into unconsciousness.

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