Fallen Angels (Pt. 11)

Sloan entered the room, numb. She had done this too many times. All the lies, all the acting, always having to be on her guard so they wouldn’t kill her.
There was a boy standing on the other side of the room, behind the glass. She felt like she was some sort of specimen he was examining. They all looked at her like that, though. Confused at first, then intrigued.
She walked into the corner and blew her messy blonde hair out of her blue eyes lined with smudgy mascara. She sat down, trying to appear innocent as she fluttered her large wings.
The boy looked no older than twenty-four. Sloan reminded herself that appearances can be deceiving, however. She shuddered as she thought about the small man constantly watching her.
Sloan walked over to the glass and pressed her hands against it, all part of the routine. The boy did the same, but then he starting twitching from the electric shocks she could tell they were sending through his muscled body.
She watched him suffer and thought dismally, It has begun.

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