Fallen Angels (Pt. 13)

Sloan tried to remove her hands from the glass, but she could no longer control her muscles. She was extremely stiff, and she felt like she was part of the glass.
“Now it’s your turn, Sloan, dear!” Dr. Ochentaker’s voice echoed throughout the chamber as the intensity of the electric shocks raged angrily through her body.
Sloan gasped for air as the electricity caused her to convulse. She tried to ask the boy across the room to help her, but she could see that the woman was still torturing him. Sloan attempted to move, but was stuck. She closed her eyes and waited for the pain to pass, refusing to give up. That’s just what they want, she thought. They want me to give up, to prove they’re stronger than I am.
Then everything stopped. The electricity, the shrieks of pain from the boy… everything. It was silent. Sloan listened and heard nothing.
Suddenly, a loud scream, a woman’s scream, pierced the silence from the control rooms.

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