all meant for him

He thinks he knows her but he doesn’t. He thinks he knows exactly what she wants but watching her now he realized he didn’t know a single thing about her.

If she cared about him, and he knew that that she did, why was she smiling at that guy with her dark eyes shining? Shouldn’t it be him, even though he didn’t want it to be? Shouldn’t he be the one gazing into her rather sweet face? Shouldn’t he be the one touching her cheek?

But wait, he stopped himself. He didn’t want her like that. He didn’t need her like that. They were just two people who liked to fight about inconsequential things. Two people who rubbed each other the wrong way weren’t meant to want each other or smile at each other or care about each other.

Except she did care about him. This much he was certain. And he liked knowing she would be there for him.

What he didn’t like was her talking to anyone else with that light in her eyes and the smile curving her lips. No, that was all meant for him.

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