Letting The Dark In

When I was 13,comfy in my foster parents home,The Gregors, I had called Luke’s cell. We had been as close as brother and sister,he didn’t realise I wanted more than that. We met at the park and having fun,too,until a man came. I couldn’t see his face from the shadows but once he appeared out of the trees,I shivered. That man reeked of death.
“Let’s go,”I whispered to Luke.
He glanced at the man following us,then he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the dense forest of the park.We ran and ran until we were panting and drenched in cold sweat.The man kept up with us at walking speed while we ran for our lives. Luke was exhausted. His asthma wasn’t helping things,either.He collapsed,his body falling to the ground. I screamed, my tormented face,terrified when the man finally came 3 feet away from us.Tears were racing down my cold cheecks when the man touched my forehead. I screamed in pain.
Then he turned and walked away. I carried Luke to my house. His was to faraway and I was to freaked and exhausted.

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