U.F.O. (Unexpected Floating Object)

It was the last thing you’d expect to find in a swimming pool. The eyeball floated atop the water, swaying from side to side. Ella and I stood by the poolside, unmoving, staring at it. The scorching heat of the cement on our bare feet was unnoticed in our time of shock.

“What the fuck?!” Ella exclaimed at last.

“Dude, whose the hell is that?” I asked, barely able to get the words out.

Ella shrugged, still unable to look away from the small round object in her backyard pool.

There was no other evidence of a body, no blood, nothing.

That is, until we pulled ourselves away from the bizzarre sight and trudged on through the rest of the yard. Ella screamed at the top of her lungs upon reaching the back fence. I followed her gaze to about half way up a rather large pine tree, where the naked, bloody body of a headless man was sprawled, supported by two branches.

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