Starting Anew

Her hands shook as she leaned forward. She placed her fingers on the keyboard. Suddenly, her mind funneled itself into her hands and she was typing faster than she ever had, in her haste to relive the comfort that writing brought. She wasn’t even sure what she was writing, nor did she go back to read over it. She trusted her mind and her hands, and she trusted that her writing was in its purest form before it was edited.

Her eyes gleamed as she slowly reached the halfway mark and continued to write well past that. Her heart had begun to echo throughout the piece, making it her own. Her personality radiated from the young work, adding its own sparkle and shine.

She watched the character count slowly dwindle down into smaller and smaller numbers, gently descending into the low 200’s. She still had time.

Double-digits. She informed her brother that she would be done soon[after his 100th request to get on and resume his game], but she wasn’t sure if she’d have to compose again.

She did love to start anew.

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