Unbearable Love

Candace removed James’ hands from her arms. She looked at the man who she loved for most of her life. She choked on her words, trying to say it as best as she could. “We need to see where our future takes us.” Candace opened the door of the house and stepped out on the porch and walked down towards the cab. Candace didn’t look back at James as the cab pulled away from the curb. James stood by the door, feeling the rain drops hit the side of his face. James closed the door; he was standing in an empty hallway. No sounds were there to greet him. James walked up the stairs and into the master bedroom. He swung the door shut, and made his way to the right side of the bed. James opened up the bed side table, grabbed a bottle of aspirin and walked towards the sink where he got a glass of water. He made his way to the closet; James opened it up and grabbed a small revolver. James sat back on the bed holding the small device in his hands. James was shaking, his tears were flowing stronger.

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