Restless Nights

I waited by the doorway, listening to the rain drops hitting the side walk. I could see a shadow walk pass the curtains. Rushing threw the living room, trying to hit the lights. I could tell they did not want me there; I had a feeling I wasn’t going to get a warm welcome.

I slammed my foot threw the doggy door, forcing it to pop off. I slid in threw the small entrance. I looked all around me trying to spot a figure running around threw the dark.
After a second look around my surrounding I was sure enough I was alone.

I began to walk up the stairs when a figure stood in my way stopping me from making any more progress up the stairs. I felt the butt of the gun hitting the side of my shoulders, almost forcing me to fall down the stairs. The dark figure grabbed my hair and forcefully dragged me up the stairs throwing me on the floor were I felt the metal badge shoving its way up the crank of my ass.

“Well this is a nice way to greet someone don’t you think.” I said to the dark figure.

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