Show us some leg

The constant tapping sound was what woke him but he knew better than to open his eyes first off. Tensing muscles in his arms and legs, he discovered that he was strapped down, spread-eagled in fact. This was not a good sign.

“Ahh, you’re awakkke.” There was a rattle in the words which made his skin crawl as he looked up to see a woman approaching him. Well, it was female, at least. “Tell me everything you know.” Her auburn eyes were hauntingly beautiful against the delicate and pale skin but there all semblance of human elegance ended. The exoskeleton plates kept her modesty – despite the fact that she was topless – and the same brown plates covered the backs of her arms. As she rose up to look over him, he saw that she was human-shaped from the hips up and then it was all…insect.

“Milli Pedera, I presume?” Her smile was sharp rows of teeth revealed behind large, arthropod mandibles and she touched a hand to the centre of her chest. “Of kourse!” She replied, with pride. “And you will sssoon be dead.”

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