and you’re drunk with slumber,
murmuring a semblance of truth
amongst the sweet nothings and whispers.
and where to go when the night wears away?
lust in shadows, hide in the light,
we scatter from one another like stones
in the midst of a stroll.
is there anything left to say?
when we let go of one another, pushing and pulling.
are we pretending, or is this real?
a heart so full, with a mouth so empty,
words of life spill endlessly into longer days.
reaching tethers, caressing boundaries
do we follow each other into rifts,
or fall to reality and contemplation?
minutes fall by, like water against a pane.
droppin’ and poolin’,
‘round your feet, about your brain.
and you’re drunk with slumber,
holding and promising, mixing breath.
what are we holding out for?
and everything seems different now.

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