Route 56

The bus hurtles forward sending fallen leaves spread across the thin streets spinning in its wake, and naked trees dripping with self-pity and ice fly by as the winter cold permeates his entire being. He rests his head against the window and breathes a blank portrait of warmth on the glass. As he traces over scribble, a cough sounds beside him and he’s met again with the prettiest green eyes he’s ever witnessed and the blankest face to match. He smiles lopsidedly, a little perplexed by the distraction these eyes are causing. She nods at her lap, where his hat has fallen and he self-consciously runs a hand through his hair. She smiles as she hands it back, before turning back within herself without him. He sighs and takes her in while she’s not looking. Wavy, dark hair tied loosely around her lovely neck. An oval face clouded with thought, her nose crinkled in concentration. Those green eyes shaded by long lashes. A petite frame wrapped in a plain coat and her small feet resting near his.

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