A lost world

I crept through the dark. My eyes were throbbing with pain. My brain felt like hot water was being pumped through it to be left numb for the next few days. In one hand i held the lighter. I was holding on to it like it was my link to madness.

Sanity. How ironic that I even think of this word. It is the one thing I left behind me long ago. Like a forgotten dream world. A world deep inside of me just yearning for a chance to show itself again. But I must say that I would welcome it.

I didn’t want to bring death to you. No, I am not that kind. I wanted to kill your words. Your art. Your soul.

I went into your room, took your notes and your pictures. I had a look through them. I broke down. These words you write. The colors you paint. Your whole being is the lost world inside of me.

Finally I had found my most precious gift in what I wanted to destroy.

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