The middle-aged woman takes a quick breath upon hearing her son’s laughter. The passengers left on the bus turn to look curiously at him. He smiles romantically and immediately shy, crawls into his mother’s lap. The young man in the flannelette shirt smiles at the child and winks. The young girl beside him smiles at the elder lady, who in turn smiles at the mother of the boy. The bus-driver shares a cursory glance with the teenage boy who ignores everyone and stares at his bag. A minute passes and the passengers and driver return to their thoughts. The bus stops in front of an empty house and the teenage boy gathers his bag and makes for the exit. The young woman catches his sleeve as he trumps up the bus. He turns and peers at her quizzically as she stands. On her tip-toes, she presses a small kiss to his cheek and pats his arm. He nods, turns and leaves the bus with a quiet smile, and she settles beside the man who fell in love with her, just this minute. He takes her into his arms, into his heart again. ..

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