Missed Appointment

And if the continuum disruptor had been just a might more disruptive he’d have caught the prior flight, been in London pre-geo-shift, and had time to reach the shift’s fringe ready for the flip. He shouldn’t have relied on the Betleguesean temporal shift – you’d think beings specialising in time management could stick to a schedule!

He reached down, teased open his sack and slid his hand in to fondle the smooth silk of the evening gown he now doubted he would ever fill.

Maybe the miscalculation was a blessing. Since gender change prohibition had been introduced on Earth ‘accidental’ methods had been employed, but the law was catching up with geo-shift-fringe gender-part swapping – it was happening too often, too conveniently, too precisely.

He wondered how his mystery co-conspiritor in Peru was managing without her breasts and vagina, and his penis; or even where her genitalia had ended up. Christ! At least he was still intact, even if she was not; which of course, ironically, made him feel one huge prick.

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