The world is ending!

Shadowhussle emerged from the shadows and dawned his Shadowblades, as Lightbarer the Lightbringer unsheathed his Lightblades.

“You’ve come so far, only to fail, Phoenix Dirkdark!” He declared with a single exclamation.

“You really thought you were going to get away with this?” I asked rhetorically.

“I did HAHA!!” he laughed with a sardonic smile. “ And your feeble Lightblades are no match for my enchanted Shadowblades!!” He exclaimed with even more exclamation than before.

“You started this, and I’m going to end this!” I was pretty sure of my assessment of that statement, like at least 80% sure. He did have a better enchantment than I did, but I was pretty sure I skilled up my one handed swords enough to beat him.

We battled epically into the night, slinging arguments of our prowess and how the other… just wasn’t…. very good, and stuff.

The world would soon never be the same…

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