Tulann, Adrift

It has been many weeks since I was set adrift from Coir. My sins are many, but none warranted the punishment I had received.

Yes, I had several lovers, that is no sin. What finally caused the cutting of the cord, was my foolishness in taking Toma as a lover. He was a jealous man, and he spread rumors of me hoarding during times of scarcity, wasting during times of plenty. None of which I did. At least not to the levels he accused me of.

But his words were sharper than any knife and during the night, my neighbors, lovers, and Toma himself, cut the cords that bound my home to Coir. In the darkness I floated away, flotsam on a sea of emotions.

When I woke, I could not see Coir, though I knew where is was by the circle of seagulls high above it. But I had no means to change my course and into the ocean I drifted with the winds.

Was it my fault? Was I too profligate with my desires?


But, that does not justify what happened to me. I shall survive and I will find Coir again. And Toma. Oh yes, Toma.

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