Red satin clouds

Red satin clouds gently brushed his hair as he surveyed the glorious scene laid out below him. Tall, round mountains with frosty peaks gave way to a fertile plain and a luscious valley, a champagne stream softly tracing from on high down to the Promised Land.

He worked his way slowly and gently down the valley walls to the hot spring waiting for him to slide in to its inviting waters. He tasted the sweet water, delicious aqua vitae! It invigorated him and made him thirsty for more. He cupped his hands and spent wonderful, languid time lapping up the golden sustenance until he began to hear to music of the spheres, an angelic voice speaking encouragement and suggestions, becoming more insistent. This being the sign he was waiting for, he rose up over the plain and the mountains to gaze upon the visage of Heaven herself, as he entered the hot, deep pool fully.

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