The Man Behind The Mask

You are just another tattoo
Staining the arm of God
There is no justice, no future.
When you’ve walked alone and blind.

Forget about what you think you know.
Forget about what you think I know.
Because what we know..
Is that one thing we can never find.
Happiness and peace of mind.

Here we are again.
Sitting in the dark while your fingers sits on the button.
A devil, a tumour
A man with nothing to loose
But the legacy of death and destruction.

To Hell with your neighbours
To hell with the world
None to defy your face of fear
Your face of hate & Bloodshed enshrined
With no happiness and peace of mind.

You have got your house in disarray
your children scared, teary as they run away.
You have got the world banging at your door
Begging you to let the children out
Psycho-Meglomania is not what war is all about

You are THE MASK
The mask that lies in wait.
Afraid to show the lines…
The lines that crease your face.
You are THE MASK
The anger behind the eyes
The fear in silk’s disguise
The face behind THE MASK.

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