Percolate and Waffle

“Will you play with me Perky?” the kitten begged. She rolled against my side, rubbing her gray fuzzy head on my belly.
“No.” I huffed, lowering my head to my paws. The sun was hot outside the perimeter of the porch and a dog my age doesn’t bother ‘playing’ in it.
“Come on, it’ll be fun!” Waffle crawled under my ear and leaned her head against mine. She was light and soft as a feather. I closed my eyes to make her go away, but she started batting my ear.
“Quit.” I growled.
“I like your ear. It’s so floppy and flippy. I changed my mind, I’ll play here!”
I was about to growl at her again but a sound caught my attention. I raised my head, taking away her toy.
“Percolate? What is it?” The kitten sat up, curious ears twitching.
“I’m not sure; maybe a strange car, or the mailman.” I sniffed the air.
“Well go see!” She mewed at me.
“Wait. Let me think about it.”
“Perc, you’re making me nervous. It’s getting too close!”
“You chase it then!”
“I’m going inside!”
“Thought you wanted to play?”
Percolate settled back down.

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