Percolate, Postulate Or Both?

Not what’s supposed to be happening while you sit in Geometry class.

“Which Postulate would you use to prove A is equal to C?”

The characters are running around in my mind like crazed maniacs, all begging for my attention.
Not now guys, I’m busy.

“Postulate 1.5 is correct Nancy. Now which one proves Line M is parallel to line K?”

Come on, LW. We need to be written about we’re dying here. We need your words to make us great!

Guys, there’s nothing but Geometry in my head right now.

“Can anyone tell me what the definition of Postulate 1.8?”

The fact that you’re having a conversation with us proves that’s a lie.

I’m ignoring you.

No you’re not.

I’m writing a story in the margin of my Geometry notes, and I frown at it.

Stop distracting me.

I realize that the teacher is asking me a question and I blurt out the answer with confidence. “Ficly!” Then I frown. “No wait… Stupid characters.

The teacher is unamused.

The characters in my mind however are completely amused.

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