A Complete Peace

It was sunny; not the type of day that you would expect something to happen. What’s the line again? “The sun was shining happily, shining with all his might”.
The tree branches kissed the pond gracefully as we peeled off our socks and ties. The school had strict rules, but in the setting sun, all rules were forgotten.
“Hey!” Pete called, swinging from a branch. He was the only one courageous—or stupid—enough to strip down to his underwear. “You ever wonder what it would be like to stay out here?”
“If the sun never set!” Graham shouted.
“If school never began!” Morgan cried, pushing his glasses onto his nose.
“If we weren’t us, just for one day!” I enthused, spreading my arms as if on a cross.
“If we truly had an outta body experience…” Pete whispered, letting go of the branch and flipping into the water.
Morgan nodded.
Our bodies were never found.

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