Ad-Hominem Man

Ad-Hominem Man rushes into the evil laboratory of the sinister Dr Von Wantstodestroytheworld just as the Mad Scientist is about to unleash his Planet Annihilator Beam.

“Stop Fiend” Ad-Hominem Man shouts out.

“Why?” Dr Von Wantstodestroytheworld responds.

“You’re a Jerk!” Ad-Hominem Man tells him forcefully.

“Is that the best you can do?”

“You’re a Retarded Jerk!” Ad-Hominem Man unleashes his full power against his foe.

“Whatever?” Dr Von Wantstodestroytheworld shrugs and hits the switch unleashing the Annihilator Beam on the unsuspecting world.

“You’re a Retarded Jerk with horrible penmanship.” Ad-Hominem Man uses his last breath to get his revenge.

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