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We turn away from the riots downtown to bring you a live interview with the person that could be our cities savior:

“As riots sweep our fair city it is clear that Fellatio Girl cannot save the city alone. So I Cunnlingus Girl will answer the call and bring down the sinister forces that Fellatio Girl’s powers are useless on.
This is a warning to all evil villianess’ out there. I will catch you in your nefarious deeds and when you look down you will see me staring back up at you.
“I’m off to save the city.”

We return now to the scene of the Riots.

It is now total pandemonium in the streets as 100’s of women have joined the 1,000’s of men in committing petty crimes so they can feel Cunnlingus Girl’s wrath.

To add to the Chaos more men have flocked to the streets to get a look at Cunnlingus Girl in action.

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