There's something at the window

There’s something at the window.

You wake up in the middle of the night in your dark room with your eyes still closed. You can feel it looking at you. Why’d you fall asleep without drawing the blinds again?

It wants you to know what it looks like. Damp white skin with discolored veins, large black eyes that glow slightly, hooked nose, and teeth. Jagged, rotten teeth. Do not look at him.

You could attempt to cross the room and get to the light switch to make it go away. You would stumble around with your eyes close and feel around, all the while the creature’s head following you.

You could not move and endure the monster’s eyes on you until the morning light drives it away. It will stay there unblinking and grinding its gnarled teeth together.

You could call for help, call for someone to come from the other room. But they’re getting sick of it and the creature will just let out a low, hissing laugh.

No no no, don’t look, don’t look, don’t look

It’s not at the window. It’s hissing at your bedside.

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