The mist

She stepped out of the mist. Her naked flesh glistened. Small beads of sweat formed on her torso and trickled idly down the expanse of her frame. Ben and Jay looked at each other, back to her, then to each other again.

“Holy shit… How we gonna explain this one?” Jay mumbled quietly. Ben just shrugged and took a step backwards. This was heavy. Heavy, intense and bizarre. She looked at them with a semi blank stare. Then a smile cracked across her bronzed face. Her long dark hair tussled gently, as if in a breeze; even though they were quite certainly in the basement of Jay’s parents apartment complex. Then she spoke. Her voice was ever so slightly husky and immensely sexy.

“Which of you little animals is first in line?” she said, gesturing to her naked body. They looked at each other again. Neither knew what to say.

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