And suddenly they burst forth.
Out of nowhere, or at least somewhere I couldn’t see, they came, each and every little one of these minute beingnesses, expanding into the emptiness, claiming it as their own
This is how the universe was born.

I watched them. Since I was before they became, I was outside their realm, just an observer into their patch of infinity.

Excited, I began to anticipate the beingnesses becoming particles. I waited for the quarks to form protons and neutrons, these to become atoms, electrons to whiz by.

I was like a small child, on the tips of my toes, waiting for this magical waltz.
I waited for it to become like my universe. I wanted friends.
It was all proceeding perfectly.

However, I should have remembered, my universe wasn’t perfect.
As the scene unfolded, tiny flashes began to appear: particles annihilating their counterparts.
Soon, these flashes became more and more numerous, engulfing the universe.
And then there was nothing.

Sighing, I climbed out of bed.

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