Give me five days

Tim and Martin both looked at Stacey as she walked down the hall; as they did every morning. Tim was the shy one but Martin was the impulsive one. They both liked Stacey but today Martin finally had the nerve to ask her out.

“I’m gonna do it Tim. Today is the day, is that ok with you?” Martin asked

“You know I like Stacey.” Tim said “You always get all the girl’s.”

“So I’m supposed to wait until you wimp out again, ok,” Martin replied curtly

Tim turned away hurt.

“Look didn’t mean it like-”

“Give me five days.”


“Give me five days, and if me and Stacey aren’t together by then she’s yours.”

“Ok then.” Martin smiled “It looks like the odds are gonna be in my favor.” he thought

Tim walked over to Stacey.

“Hey.” He said

Stacey turned and smiled.

“What’s up?” she said

“Oh nothing, I was just wondering if you’d like to go to the park with me after school and grab an ice cream or something?”

“Oh…well I’m not doing anything but ok.” she replied a little unsurely.

Martin’s jaw dropped.

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