Tim's glad, Martin's mad.

“Ok, I’ll see ya then!” Tim said as he walked triumphantly away.

“You player.” Martin said clearly upset.

“I don’t play the game Marty, I run it.” Tim said as he continued walking down the hall.

He flipped his lucky quarter with his thumb, then kissed it.

“Let’s just hope my luck doesn’t run out.”

Martin tromped down the hall obviously pissed.

“This can’t be happening!” Martin thought to himself “I thought he was gonna wimp out! What a time for him to grow a nerve!”

Steam was practically seeping from Martin’s head. As he entered the classroom his frail old teacher Mrs. Robinson turned around.

“Your late Martin.” Mrs. Robinson said quietly

“Shut your craw hag.” Martin replied rudely

Cowed Mrs. Robinson said nothing, for the moment. Martin took his seat in the back. Several of his classmates glared at him including Stacey.

“Wait Stacey’s here!? crap.” Martin thought

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