The new boy

“Ehw, eggplant!” Krista groaned, looking through her coach lunchbox at our usual lunch table.
Catalina and I laughed.
“You think its funny? Here you take it!”
She threw it at me. We all giggled.
“Omigod!” Julia plopped down her tray with Christina following close behind.
“What?” Catalina asked, taking a bite of her apple.
“You don’t know? The news is all around school.!”
“What?” Cat reitarated.
“How could you not now!”
“WHAT?” It was as if her vocabulary had come down to that one word.
Christina rolled her eyes. "Derrik! The new guy. Hes ah-dorable. "
“Oh, yeah hes in 1st period with me!” Krista squeled.
“I passed him in the hallway, nothing special.” I added.
“ARE YOU SERIOUS!” Julia screeched across the cafeteria.
I shrugged.
“Yeah, I guess.”
“Well every girl in school is fawning over him.”
“Not everygirl.” I said, pointing to myself.

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