Felix's Fate

Felix decided to turn away from the park on his walk today. It was a great place to watch joggers, or commune with nature until the ducks steal your sandwich, but it wasn’t the place for serious thinking. He headed up the commercial street where the lawyers, bankers, and jewelers held their noses high in stately stone office buildings with wrought iron decor. Something about the coldness of it made him think about his future.

Suddenly, the door to Reynold Trust burst open and two bodies in black from head to toe ran toward him with bags heavy with loot. He tried to dodge them, but they had the same idea, and elbows and knees collided with soft guts and hard heads. A cruiser’s tires screamed around the corner and the darkly attired duo attempted a getaway, but were apprehended.

Felix was on the news that night, hailed as a hero. Old movie photos of him were displayed on tv sets. He gave a short interview.

The next day, he spotted strange people walking their dogs past his house. Was Felix Mania back?

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