A Hundred Ways to Boil an Egg

Cat Loveless sat quietly, her arm folded against her stomach and an unlit cigarette rolling between her fingers. She was contemplating whether or not to begin the story. And if she were to tell it, it was to be on her terms. No compromises.
“Would you like to begin?” he asked patiently.
“Wait. I’m not gonna begin at the beginning, hear me? No. Not the beginning,” Cat leaned closer to him. “Got that?”
“Of course,” he sighed.
“Fine…Good. It was Christmastime and the train station was all messedup with giant ornaments and things. It looked terrible. But Abram was really happy…”
Abram smiled at Cat’s pale face. She really had no idea where they were going! Then, he remembered that he knew where they were going, and that was all that mattered. Abram let out a huge breath as he thought of her reaction. But he put on a happy face.
That’s all they amounted to these days; happy faces.

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