Good Moods are Nice

My mother was in a good mood when she got home. She came up to check on me right when she got home. She told me about this guy she just met and how she had a date tonight so she wouldn’t be home until late. Then she asked if I was okay enough to get dinner. I told her I was and for her to have a good time because I knew it didn’t really matter what I said.

When she was gone I got myself a light dinner and dug around in my bag for the slip of paper with Nathaniel’s number on it. I pulled it out and looked at it while I ate. It sat on my table as I cleaned up my dinner dishes and putted around. After awhile I picked up the tiny scrap and brought it up to my room.

I set it on the dresser next to my bed and grabbed my cell phone. I played with the phone while trying to calm my racing heart. I was very scared to call Nathaniel, and I wasn’t even sure I wanted to.
I got up and washed my face. When I came back I dialed and hit send before I could change my mind.

With my heart racing even faster, I heard, “Hello?”

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