Restless Nights, To Search Among The Sea

“What do I get out of this deal Williams?” – “Well if I am correct I hear you have a trail on the 15th of November.” – “Are you saying Williams that your willing to help me.” Sarah starred at me as she spoke.

“What I am saying is that I am able to put in some few words to the judge.” I stood up from the floor.

“This judge representing your case isn’t going to let you go easy, you may spend your remainder of life in prison.” – “I understand the situation, but answer me this why is this shipment so important to you.” – “A little girl was kidnapped about a month ago; she is reportedly being sold by some drug holders.” – “I see Williams, what is this information you seek.” – “Last Saturday you worked with a fellow of the name Oleg, his company is the last whereabouts of the little girl.”

I stood and waited for what seemed a century for Sarah to speak, it seemed as though she contemplated the situation she was in. She trembled as she tried to speak. It was well known now that she feared Oleg.

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