The Insane Knight Builds a Fire

“We should reach town by tomorrow,” Gerry said, trying to break the silence while the Insane Knight built a campfire. “You haven’t been too inquisitive as to what you’re supposed to be doing.”

“I’m sure you want us to kill something or someone,” the Knight said as he rubbed two sticks together.

“More like a whole army,” Gerry said. This got Tlod’s attention and he turned his head so quickly that it almost fell off.

“W-w-hole Army?” Tlod said nervously.

“The Army of Richard the Mean Spirited has been wreaking havoc across the countryside, burning and pillaging every village they come across. That is why I asked the Gods to send us heroes.”

“That army doesn’t stand a chance against this,” the Knight said, holding his fist in the air.

“Against what?” Gerry asked.

“That’s his Imaginary Sword,” Tlod said.

“Oh dear,” Gerry said.

The dragon named Horse walked over to the fire and blew a tiny flame, igniting the wood.

“Hey!” the Knight exclaimed. “A fire-breathing horse! Neat!”

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