God on E

“My word, or should I say words. You got an uncanny, I’d say holy, knack of talking in words that don’t contain that symbol, ain’t you. How do you do that?”

“Saw it on Ficly, a trial. I thought it would aid infinity passing. It’s not too difficult. You could do it too if you want.”

“I can? You think I should att…, ahh that was clos.. damn! It’s tough, isn’t it!”

“You’ll form a familiarity with it chronologically.”

“Can I call upon, … a book that contains word options? Ha, I’m onto it!”

“You can, but it’s not so amusing if you do. Try without.”

“I can mouth a profanity or two, right? In fact I’m so damn good at that I could absorb your fucking infinity with my bastard foul assy mouth.”

“If you must. Though I’d want you to abstain from such. You know my low opinion of that.”

“Good God, God, it was your fucking Ficly trial anyway. Fuck you and your dum ass notion of laughs. Infinity sucks! I’m going back on duty to your, P…, door things.”

“You can stop now if you want St. P.”

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