On My Mind

What do you see when you look in my eyes?
A tiny brown box or open blue skies?
Maybe a happy, simple-mind, indecisive young teen,
With no worries, no cares, nor faith to be seen?
I have had my share in the tears and the sighs,
With cheery hellos and sorrowful goodbyes.

I’m not as carefree,
As you claim me to be.
My mind often wanders,
To the times of the past.
And yes I do ponder,
Of the things coming fast.

My once happy thoughts are now consumed,
With ones of dreary distraught,
Like how could people just assume,
That my heart can be bought?

I’m a teen with many facets,
And don’t you dare forget,
That I’m not who I seem to be,
Inside my shell,
I am so much more than you can perceive,
But for now I shall say Farewell.

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