Turnabout Is Fairplay

I felt a bit smug on the inside having caught Devon red handed. At the same time I kinda hoped I was wrong.

The look on his face said I wasn’t.

“Yes, I have a girlfriend.” He sighed. “And no she doesn’t have a problem with us hanging out. She trusts me, do you trust me?” Devon looked so downcast that I immediately felt sorry that I had said anything.

Without answering the question I apologized. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound suspicious or anything.”

Devon grinned. “Its all good. I don’t want to look shifty or anything.”

I’m the shifty one. I thought bitterly. I’m hanging out with you because I’m afraid that if I’m alone I’ll feel something.

“You aren’t shifty.” I said, flatly. “I am curious though. Why exactly do you want to hang out with me?”

Devon turned bright red and at the moment his dark green eyes did look a bit shifty. “If I tell you, you’re either going to laugh or be offended.”

I was intrigued. “Why do you say that?”

Devon shrugged uncertainly.

“Just tell me.”

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