Double Six Diner

“So here’s my vote on where we eat,” Sam started, once we pulled out from the gas station. “The cashier told us the best Diner in town is just up the street.”

“I second the motion for the Diner.” I piped up. “I’m starving. And trust me you won’t like me when I’m hungry.”

“What are you, the Incredible Hulk?” Thomas laughed.

“You think you’re kidding.” I said, dryly.

Amber glanced at us in the mirror. “Is that the Diner up the street? The Double Six Diner?”

Sam nodded. “I think so, from the way he said it, I think its the only one up here.”

Amber turned into the parking lot and found a space.

“You mean you’re actually agreeing to food?” My eyes got big with wonder. “Lawd have mercy I thought I’d have to waste away in your back seat!”

Amber pouted at me. “Uh huh, sure you did.”

Thomas and Sam laughed.

“Come on Drama Mama.” Thomas said, climbing out of the car. “In the classic words of Checkers… We Gotta Eat.”

Amber rolled her eyes and we all headed towards the Double Six Diner.

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