What Devon Saw In Her Eyes For Just A Moment

Well she did ask you to tell her. I took a deep breath and just spit it out. “You looked like you needed a friend. Like someone had hurt you and you just needed to get away.”

Well there, you said it.

Kalyla dropped her gaze for a second, but I caught a glimpse of her eyes. Her eyes said that I had been right. When she looked up again there was no trace of anything, just coffee brown.

“Well to the mall we go, right?” She said, hopping on her bike like the last minute hadn’t just happened.

Its just as well.

“Right.” I said, dragging up a smile with her and following her down the street.

“Um, so?” She said, awkwardly after a couple of minutes of riding in silence. “You’re new here aren’t you?” The look on her face was that of someone that was…

Was what? What exactly is that expression? I can’t place it. Then I realized I hadn’t answered her question. “Right. I just moved from California a couple weeks ago.”

“That would explain the tan.” She smiled faintly.

“You have one too.” I teased.

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