I Accept the Enevitable

I should have spent that last night with him, all he’d asked, was to spend those few hours with me but, I was busy getting ready, had to be prepared. I had to be prepared to sit on top of the world, freezing to death. Thoughts of his warm body, made me wish.
I couldn’t feel my legs, my feet. I could see them but, no matter how much I willed it, there was no sensation. This was bliss compared to the stinging pain of the freezing process.
A stream of breath came from my nostrils, judging by what I saw, there were only seven breaths per minute course, I could be wrong. My hands were purple, I had taken off my mitts a while ago, don’t know how long, and then, I couldn’t get them back on. My head hurt.
“A man is a the forest, he comes to a clearing, stepping into the clearing he finds himself surrounded by ravenous wolves, he has no weapons, no scraps to throw and he can”t outrun the creatures, what does he do?"
" Prays, then accepts the inevitable."

I prayed, then, I accepted.. what was inevitable..

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