I Will Win

I fumed silently to myself. I was angry, but I still had an excellent memory. Totally calm again, I said into the phone, “I believe I apoligized for not calling and not being in school. If I remember correctly, I gave you no reason as to why I didn’t call. So I was not being impolite, as you seem to believe. You, on the other hand, are being quite impolite.”

It was Nathaniel’s turn to be quiet for a minute. I will win this. He doesn’t get to know the truth, not tonight.

“I’m sorry…” He said after a minute. “I do want to talk to you, and I was hoping that you didn’t call only to apologize…”

I could hear him hesitating. He sounded as unsure about this conversation as I felt.

“It wasn’t. I want to keep talking to you… If that’s alright with you…” I responded.

“Oh! It’s perfectly alright, Anabell! I’m here for you any time you want to talk. Promise.” Nathaniel said, sounding slightly shocked.

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