Feeling Bad

I told him about how my mother made me dinner and how delicious it was. I told him how it was unsual for my mother to be so cheery latly. Then I lied. I told him we ended up playing a game that lasted well into the night. By the time I got up to my room and attempted my homework, I was so tired that I passed out at my desk.

“Oh, well I’m glad you had fun last night…” Nathaniel said. His voice was so sweet and caring it almost made me spill my guts to him. I didn’t though, and I could tell he knew I was hiding something.

“Yeah, but I feel so guilty about not calling…” I said, making my voice tender. I wasn’t sure if he was believing anything I was saying to him, and I really needed him to believe that I felt bad. I didn’t want him thinking that I was completly heartles, because I wasn’t. All of my friends from my old school had constenly told me that.

“I know, Anabell, I know.” Is the response he gave me, leaving me completly unsure if he meant it or not.

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