I Hate Trevor

“Do you now.”
“Is this just something you decided? Just now?”
“No, man. Did you see him tonight? It was like he’d just gotten a PhD in Douchebaggery and had to show it off to everybody.”
“He did bring boozeahol.”
“That doesn’t mean he can be a dick.”
“I guess.”
“It was bullshit booze, too. Fuckin’ wine coolers, man. Wine coolers!”
“Hey, look over there.”
“Don’t change the subject, dude, I— wait. Is that?”
“Haha, a hooker! A real live fuckin’ hooker. Fishnets and everything! Jesus. I thought they only wore those in movies.”
“Would you do her?”
“Ha ha, what?”
“Do her. You know? Sexual intercourse?”
“Christ, I don’t know. We’re not close enough, I can’t…

Holy fuck."

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