I’ve all but forgotten what a real body is like. The feel of soft flesh as opposed to iron and copper. A soft heartbeat instead of the metallic clicking of gears and springs. After the War, they set us free. They didn’t have a use for us anymore. We had won and Utopia was now. The Old War Machines were only as useful as the metal we were constructed from.

I wander the alleys of London and stare blankly at the people who’s lives I saved. They touch and feel each other. They communicate with tone and expression. I watch them for hours and try to remember what it was like to live like that; before I gave my body for my country.

I remember watching them, after I was installed in my new form, taking my body away. It looked helpless on its own. My features were limp, as though they had been made of wax and melted away. They said they were freezing them for when the war was over. We were supposed to get them back.

Three months ago I searched the bombed lab’s rubble with my squad, but our bodies were never found.

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