The Butcher From Hell

The man was running straight towards Amy. He was incredibly tall, somewhere around seven feet, and very muscular. She could see his teeth gritting as he continued to charge at her, a large butcher knife in his hand.

Amy backed into the corner. She could no longer even remember where she was. Frantically, she searched for a weapon of some sort. Miraculously, a small pocket knife was laying on the ground beside her. It was no match comparing to the weapon he bore, but it would have to do.

As the large gap between them began to close, she could now see splatters of blood on his white apron. Amy screamed in terror when she realized the man’s eyes were glowing a bright red. She felt as if they must be trying to penetrate through her very soul. And, his teeth, each came to a sharp point. Vile fangs they were!

Amy concluded that this ruthless killer must be some sort of demon. And now, he was only feet away from her.

She had to fight back with all her might. She couldn’t die, not this way.

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