First Time

The demon closed in upon her. He held his knife above her head, ready to chop her into a thousand pieces. She quickly shoved the knife into his emense gut before his blade grazed her skin.

The demon stepped back, the red glow in his eyes becoming even more fierce. This small wound was obviously not going to stop him. He grabbed Amy’s arms in his massive hand and began slashing, mutilating her skin from wrist to elbow.
The pocket knife dropped from Amy’s hands. She was in far too much pain to try and fight back. Her life now belonged to the horrid demon.
Amy awoke in a hospital bed. The first thing she felt was an immense pain in her arms. She saw Jenn standing over the bed.

“Are you alright?” Jenn asked.

Amy gave her a lost look.

“You don’t remember, do you?” Jenn said. “I went over to your appartment and found you. We got you to the hospital just in time, you had tried to commit suicide. The doctors tested you and said you were on acid at the time…it your first time trying it, wasn’t it?”

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